Ascension Bay

Pesca con mosca. Our escape to our neighboring country to the south is a fly fishing playground. If you want to fish some of the most classic flats in the world then this makes the list. Although spring breakers paradise, Cancun, is the gateway to Ascensions world class flats don’t be fooled. The flats of Ascension is a totally different world.

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In Ascension you will fish the classics; Tarpon, bonefish, permit, and snook. Although there are opportunities to fish for jacks and barracudas if you wish as well.
The remoteness of the area, and the way the lodges are set up make most trips to Ascension a guided day. We recommend credible lodges for this trip, and would be happy to steer you in the right direction.
Rods – 6-8 weight rods for bonefish. 8-9 weight rods for permit, baby tarpon, and snook. 10-12 weight rods rigged and ready for larger tarpon, big jacks, cuda, and sharks.

Line – We have really never needed anything more than a weight forward floating saltwater line that matches the rod well.

Reels – sealed drag reels with strong drags, machined is preferred as they are stronger and hold up during travel.

Leaders – bonefish leaders are generally 9 foot tapered leaders with 8-12 lb test line. Permit leaders are generally 9 foot tapered leaders with 16-20 lb line and usually those are fluorocarbon due to the skepticism of the species. Tarpon and snook leaders are generally 25-30 lb for the mid-section (4-6 feet) with 60-100lb shock tippet (18-24 inches) on the front tied on with a Bimini Twist or just a blood knot.

Flies – For bonefish flies make sure to have a large selection of different sizes and weights but more weighted on the small sizes. We often are using size 6-10 bonefish flies tied with and without eyes. For deeper water it is important to have some with lead eyes as well. The hot flies are always changing so email us for the most in vogue patterns. Of course Gotchas, Crazy Charlies, Shrimp Cocktails, Bunny Gotchas (Bonefish Bugs), Skampis, and Bonefish Bitters are all required.

For Permit, right now it is a bring everything game. This is a relatively new area, however, we highly recommend bringing a big selection of crabs in sizes 2-4, patterns like Del’s, Bauer’s Flats Crabs, Permit Crabs, EP Crabs, etc. Also make sure to have spawning shrimp patterns like EP spawning shrimp, shrimp cocktails, and Epoxy shrimp in size 4’s.

For tarpon, generally the guides down there are most familiar with the most familiar patterns like the Cockroach, Red Death, different kinds of Tarpon Toads, Gurglers, and even Poppers.

Other – The white sand flats make this very easy to wade, but if you plan to wade a lot we recommend some type of wading footwear. Any type will work as it is mostly white sand.