• Designing Flies for Carp and Freshwater Drum

    Many people are looking beyond trout to lots of other fly fishing possibilities.  There are two camps.  Those who have fished for them and can’t believe how fun they can be and those who, for various reasons, have yet to try. Read the full blog.
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  • Gear Review: New Simms Gloves for 2018/2019

    Simms has 13 new gloves for 2018/2019. Here are a few of our top picks to help keep your paws warm and working this winter and spring. Read the full blog here.
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  • Get in on Fire Bead Season

    It’s winter time. If the weather isn’t terrible, why not go fishing in the winter?  It’s Fire Bead Season. Read the full blog here.
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  • A Fish Eat Fish World - Predator Fly Tying

    Any time anglers talk about bass fishing, immediately one can think of a fish-eat-fish world, and luckily, fish only come in a few basic shapes and sizes. It's these shapes and sizes that Gunnar Brammer uses to govern his fly choices. Read the full blog here.
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  • 2018’s Top Ten Best Selling Flies

    Often times anglers are scouring the bins looking for the “hot fly”. Our friends at Umpqua Feather Merchants, gave us a list of the top 10 selling flies, nationwide, for all fly shops. Read the full blog here.
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  • Get with the Trout Swing Season

    As November progresses, fish begin to shift to winter levels of activity, which means they often activate later and for shorter durations. None of this sounds awesome unless you are into the game we call Trout Spey.  Then, it’s your season of swing. Read the full blog here.
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  • Streamer Time

    Late fall is streamer time.  Hatches have become limited to midges and baetis, so hungry fish have little distraction when presented with a meal in the form of a juicy streamer.    But what to choose? Read the full blog here.
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  • Great Falls Fly Tying Nights

    As fly anglers, we’d generally prefer to be fly fishing, but when winter rolls around, we shift into fly tying and fly fishing social mode. This tying season, North 40 Fly Shop Great Falls is hosting five fly tying nights. Read the full blog and how to participate here.
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  • Why I love Trout Spey in the Fall

    Every fall I look forward to changing gears and switching to one of my preferred fly fishing styles.  Once I became proficient at Spey casting with a 2-handed rod, I discovered it to be a very soothing style of fly fishing. Read the full report here.
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  • The Columbia’s Shining Reach: A Short Lesson in History, Fellowship, and Fishing

    It has been nearly three years since I learned about the storied waters of the “American Reach” stretch of the Columbia River. It’s worth whatever you have to beg, borrow, or steal to get there. Read the full blog here.
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