Party On Top Caddis

This fly has been a long time in design, not something that just recently plopped off the vise. In fact you can see an old version of it in the youtube sphere somewhere called Wike’s CDC Caddis from way back in the day.

Anyways, the Party on Top gets its name because of the only unrealistic material on the fly, elk hair, which is really too bright and course to truly imitate a caddis, and it is sitting on top for texture, visibility, and floatability. All the materials below the party are as realistic of an underbody as I could figure out while still keeping the fly profiled well, strong, and buoyant enough for riding through currents and seams.

We really hope you tie this one, as it has been a very effective fly on virtually any water that gets caddis.


1x long standard wire dry fly hook

Size 70 ultra-thread: Olive

Wonder wrap: Tan

Super fine dry fly dubbing: Olive

Partridge feather

CDC feathers: natural

Elk Hair

Squirrel Spikey Dubbing: Brown + Brown Olive

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