Carpin Crunch

I prefer sticking with the Olive/Peacock color scheme for the tail and body. When fish are in the clear, I like an all olive fly. If they are mudding and the water is stirred up, I will use Orange legs and FL. Orange or FL. Green thread.

While providing some movement, the legs become outriggers to help the fly remain hook up, as it rests on the bottom. They also slow the flies decent on a drop. Let it set a foot or so in front of a fish. Then give it a bump so it puffs some silt. You’ll soon be in your backing.

Thread: UTC 210

Hook: 3X Long Streamer #8

Eyes: Spirit River Real Eyes 5/32" or small Painted Lead Eyes

Dubbing: Arizona Semi-Seal Dubbing, Canadian Olive

Tail: Olive Wooly Bugger Marabou

Legs: Silicone Micro Mini Legs, Orange or Olive

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