Coeur d’ Alene Fishing Report 10.12.17

—North 40 Coeur d’ Alene

Coeur d’ Alene River Fishing Report

Coeur d’ Alene River

Fishing is great and consistent.  The up coming rain in the forecast will have the fish up on BWOs and mahogaony’s in a big way.  But with the cooler temps the window for the dry fly activity will be midday to early evening.  The October caddis will get fish later in the day, and again make sure you give the fly some motion.  Running a small soft hackle or emerger of  your choice behind your mayfly will produce lots of fish as well.  Fish have become pretty selective during the hatch so make your first cast count.  Longer leaders and accurate presentations on rising fish are pretty critical, but don't worry you'll have plenty of targets.  Nymphing and streamer fishing early will produce fish as well, black or olive sculpins on the swing or slow retrieve will do the trick.  Snow is coming so get it while its still good!

St. Joe River

Cooler days will have the action starting mid morning.  A large orange Stimmie with a bead head Pheasant Tail #12 or Prince Nymph as a dropper 18-24" below will be a great searching rig.  Keep your Stimmie moving once in a while or twitch it a bit for some explosive strikes.  BWOs in a 18-22 and mahogaony’s in a 12-14 will be your main hatches mid day to late evening along with the October caddis too.  Streamer fishing has been strong as well, just don't strip the fly too fast, the fishes metabolism has started to slow a bit with the cooler temps so a dead drifted or slowly moved streamer will get good action.

Clark Fork River (MT)

Fishing amazing!  I fished Monday the 9th, and as well as the Monday prior and had banner fishing.  This last Monday was a bit different from the previous as we had clearer weather, which for the Clark fork usually means slower fishing.  But on the contrary it was almost as good.  We still put together a great day, but we nymphed a bit more and they really liked the large #10 bead head pheasant tail under an October caddis which got a few eats as well.  We did get some fish on small BWOs too as well as the mahogany's.  Soft hackles were stellar on the sipping fish that were selective.

The tandem nymph rig rained supreme in the faster water and foam lines, a pat's rubber legs with a smaller pheasant tail or prince nymph as a dropper on a shorter leader (4-5ft no longer) was the ticket.  Did a bit of streamer fishing with no results but didn't give it much time.  I'm sure if I'd been more persistent with it I would have gotten some fish.  The dry fly fishing was too good to force feed them the streamer so you know....  We are going to get some rain mid week and probably snow up high, so the clock is ticking on goodness on the trout streams so get after it! Rumor has it that the metalheads down south are cooperating pretty good despite lower numbers in the past years, so if you aren't feeling "trouty" maybe a drive down to the Clearwater or Grand Ronde might be a good decision.

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Twenty years ago Coeur d’Alene went mostly unnoticed by the fly-fishing community as tunnel-visioned anglers sped east, to Montana and elsewhere, to pursue rainbow and brown trout on iconic waters. They may have even raised their noses as they unwittingly passed some of the most varied trout fishing options in the world. Today, CDA and its nearby waters are on the map as premiere destinations for westslope cutthroat and bull trout. And its local lakes provide super-enticing fly-fishing options for bass, pike and salmon. If that weren’t enough, CDA anglers can hit several of the Inland Northwest’s best steelhead waters—including the Grande Ronde, Clearwater and Snake rivers—with a reasonable two or three-hour drive. North 40 Coeur d’Alene is your destination fly shop, whether outfitting for the St. Joe, Coeur d’Alene or Kelly Creek, or some other water. We’ve got all the fishing reports and info you need, and we carry the latest fly-tying material, hot patterns, and equipment. We have a knowledgeable staff that’s welcoming to everyone, so stop in and say hello.

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