Fly Tying Video: Cornfed's Day Saver Caddis

I created the Day-saver at the beginning of this year in hopes to find a transition pattern between two popular caddis patterns; the translucent pupa and the cornfed caddis. Each of these patterns are messy cdc patterns that down right wreck fish on tailwaters. The Day-saver incorporates two different cdc materials which keeps the messy profile, but has a dubbed body which adds some profile to the fly. I was surprised how well the Day-saver fished in comparison to both patterns while fishing the mother's day hatch this year. You can tie it in a variety of sizes and colors to match the hatch. Gink it and fish it high, or spit on it and suspend it in the column; either way you'll be surprised by it's effectiveness.


  • Mustad RSo 94840 #14
  • MT Fly Co 8/0 Brown
  • Opal Tinsel
  • Tan Dubbing
  • CDC Dubbing Light Gray
  • Premium CDC Natural Brown & Light Dun
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