Fly Tying Video: Cornfed's Vagabond Hopper

Probably one of the best hopper patterns to ever come out of our shop. Cornfed pulled out all the stops to make sure that this foamy was a level above what you can buy out of the bins. Red legs we have found out are a trigger (at least in our minds). The segmented foam on the back is a little extra that most people don’t take the time to make sure is done well.


  • mustad c49s size 6
  • segmented 2mm tan foam
  • dark brown 1mm foam
  • red montana fly hopper legs
  • mt fly widow's web - polar bear or white antron
  • small speckled rubberlegs
  • tan senyo's dubbing or UV Tan Ice Dub
  • stacked 1mm tan foam
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