Fly Tying Video: D-duck Caddis

The D-Duck Caddis is a new pattern to North 40 Flyshop this year and has quickly become one of our favorites for picky risers. The D-Duck features contrasting colors of CDC worked in with spikey dubbing to give it a really buggy look on the water. Much like it's messier cousin the Cornfed Caddis, the D-Duck fishes well riding high or slightly submerged to mimick crippled emergers. Give the D-Duck a try next time you're in a pod of finicky fish. You won't be disappointed.


  • Dai-Riki #305 size 14 hook
  • 8/0 Iron Grey Uni-thread
  • SLF Squirrel Bleached Ginger Dub
  • SLF Whitlock Squirrel Natural Dub
  • Premium CDC Natural Tan
  • Premium CDC Natural Dun
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