Fly Tying Video: Dirdle Bug

Get down and dirty with the Dirdle Bug. It is a great fly to use in the spring during high water, especially on freestone streams like Montana's Yellowstone, Gallatin, and Madison Rivers, as well as smaller creeks such as Belt Creek. Not only will this fly work during spring, it will fish well throughout the "1st" fishing season. It is best fished by dredging it deep with some weight so it's bounced off the bottom. This will imitate a free drifting stonefly larvae, and the rubberlegs will really get the trout's attention underwater.


  • #700B Size 6 Dai Riki hook
  • .025 Lead Wire
  • 3/16 Brass Bead - Black Nickel
  • Crystal Antron Chennile - Brown
  • 210 Ultra Thread - D. Brown
  • Saddle Hackle - Light Brown
  • Round Rubber Legs - Green
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