Fly of the Week: Galloup's Mini Dungeon


Versatility is what creates a successful angler. So, ask yourself, why not fish with a versatile fly? Galloup’s Mini Dungeon offers a multitude of applications and becomes the target of brute fish of different species. An effective pattern for both trout and smallmouth, the Mini Dungeon can be fished effectively through deep runs and current seams where Mr. Big lives, stripped across structure, and swung through long sloped runs for heart-stopping grabs.

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Trout and bass have the feed bag on during the fall, and streamers fit the bill for an easy meal. Match the color to resemble local forage fish your target species are preying upon. Plus, don’t overlook this pattern for trout spey either. Unlike a large Dungeon, the Mini can be turned over with ease. Don’t let the name fool you— mini sometimes means bigger.

By Taylor Hess

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