Fly of the Week: Jiggy Worm

Fly of the Week Jiggy Worm

Rainy’s really stepped up their game with the creation of the Jiggy Worm. A serious eye catcher to say the least. Tied similarly to a conventional flipping jig, the Jiggy Worm has a buggy look both bass and fly fishermen desire. This fly is simply a must for anyone who wishes to chase bass this summer.

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Swing it, strip it, or drift it, this fly does it all. Tied on a sturdy #1 60° jig hook with brass eyes, this fly has great action. The marabou and rubber leg mane gives the fly tons of movement, no spiny ray can resist. The tapered tail is tied with a unique chenille-like material that wiggles identical to a live worm. Due to the brass eyes, the hook rides point up, and free of all possible snags.

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