Fly Tying: Crust Nymph

We have actually been tying the crust nymph for a long time. After analyzing how slender mayfly bodies are in the Missouri, we started to slender up the bodies of our nymphs.

We wanted the Crust Nymph to have quite a bit of articulation in the body so we used a turkey biot upside-down, so the curls of the biot create segmentation in the body. One problem with using turkey biots as the body is they aren’t very sturdy.

You can buy this fly from us online right here.

They crack fairly easily. We wanted the fly to last a long time, so we added wire to each curl of the biot. This solidifies the body a lot. Even if the biots do crack a little bit you can just snip it off and the fly stays together.

There is a tiny bit of flash on this fly underneath the wing case with ice dub. With the yellow on the PMD and the brown olive on the BWO. We use a small bead as the head.

We keep the wing case really tight, so it maintains a small profile.  A lot of nymphs have a big wing case which make the whole profile of the fly look big. So we made that as short as possible as well. We use an extra-long hook to maintain that long slender profile.

We use CDC as opposed to a bunch of other synthetic materials used on other nymphs so that the wing looks really translucent and sparse when fished.

It just lays over the ice dub and looks translucent. Learn to tie it below with the materials list provided, or buy it from us online right here.

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  • Ed yamamoto

    Tell me more of where in NW you are. I haven't fished for steelhead in long while. I don't recognize north40cly shop.

    • Matt Steffens

      Hey Ed. We have fly shops located in Montana, Idaho, and Washington. You can check out each of our fly shops more in depth from our blog page, From there you can click on "Locations" and see what each shop has to offer. Make sure to check out our eMags as well,

      When and where were you fishing for steelhead? And why the long break?

      Hope the New Year comes in well for you and let us know if you have any other questions.

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