Fly Tying: Drowning Mouse

The drowning mouse pattern is a simpler, non-articulated, variation of Joe Obrien’s shop rat pattern. There has been increasing interest in mouse patterns. There must be something special about large predatory fish hammering a big pattern on the surface. Most are meant to be skated or slowly stripped in, from or towards the bank.


  • Hook - Gamakatsu B10S #4-6
  • Thread: UTC 210 Tan
  • Tail - Standard Ultra Chenille
  • Foam Back and Head - 2mm Sheet Foam
  • Body - Rabbit Strip
  • Tools: Stonefo Thread Splitter, Dr. Slick Razor Scissors and a Lighter
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I fly fish to live (25+ years guiding). I live to fly fish (obsession). At the age of two, I captured my first Bluegill in Southern Michigan. Since then, I have never stopped looking into waters for fish. My first wild trout came from the waters of Glacier NP a few years later. I spent much of my youth chasing fish in Wisconsin, the Great Lakes and throughout central Canada. I went to Alaska in 1989, where I met my wife, started a family and spent 26 seasons guiding anglers. Great Falls and the North 40 Fly Shop are now home base. Stop by and lets talk fish, bear encounters or even my experience with Bigfoot.
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