Fly Tying: Kilowa-Bou

This is a simple fly that has proven its' worth on the river. It started out as a KILOWATT, but I toned it down some and added a stinger hook. It has proven itself on the local trout as well as steelhead. I tie this in a number of color combinations, this one is Black and Blue. A favorite of mine all year round.


THREAD: 140 Ultra Thread, Black

BEAD: Brass Cone Head, Medium Nickle

BODY SHANK: Any streamer style hook will work. You'll be cutting the hook part off.

STINGER HOOK: #4 Octopus style

BODY: Ice Dub, Blue Steelie

UNDER WING: Flashabou, Black

OVER WING: Flashabou, Black

WING AND TAIL: Marabou Blood Quill, Black

COLLAR: Ice Dub, Blue Steelie

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Born and raised in Western Washington, I moved to the east side of the state in 1982. The driving force in our family has always been a mixture of fishing, hunting and the outdoors... depending on the season. I caught my first steelhead when I was 16 on an old glass fly rod, swinging a blue Muddler on the North Stilly. Steelhead fishing is a way of life for me. I have fished for them in just about every river in the tri-state area. The Methow River is my home water and brings new surprises every year. Nothing is better than seeing steel take a fly you created yourself. One fish makes for a good day, anything more than that just makes it great.

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