Fly Tying: Miller Time Streamer Fly


The Miller Time in baby brown streamer- this is an easy fly to tie and it catches fish. It’s simple and solid. Watch the video above to learn to tie this fly, and get your materials to follow along below.


Gamakatsu B10 Stinger Hook 2
Spirit River Dumbbell Eyes
Brown Barred Rabbit Strips - Ginger
Pearl Core Braid - Pearl White
Ice Dub Pearl + Orange
Flashabou - Copper

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I've grown up in one of the best places in the country for fly fishing, Montana. I've lived in Great falls my whole life. Having the Missouri river running right through my back-yard fishing has always been a huge part of my life. I started fly fishing when I was eight, so about ten years ago. I currently work at the North 40 Fly Shop in Great Falls, Montana. I've spent countless days fly fishing for Montana's beautiful trout on its amazing rivers, lakes, and streams. my favorite trout to fish for are Cutthroats out of mountain rivers and lakes.

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