Fly Tying: Mini BDL

The Dali Lama has been one of my favorite streamers. I've used it for steelhead, trout and bass with great results. My variation here, the Mini BDL, uses a little red mixed in and in a smaller size.

Swing it with a spey rod or use a streamer rod and strip it in.

The olive and white version has worked the best but I've had good results on other color combinations.

Have fun. Keith

Materials Needed:
Ultra Thread 140 Olive
#6 Gamakatsu SL11-3H hook
#4 Owner Octopus hook
Fireline 30#
Brass Cone Head, #medium Nickle
Lead Free Round Wire #.025
Rabbit Strips, Olive Variant and White
Guinea Hackle, Fluorescent Cherry Red
Krinkle Mirror Flash, Pearl
Flashabou, Red


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