Fly Tying: Mr. Pink Caddis

Started using this pattern over twenty years ago, when a client from the San Francisco Bay area brought a few that he had tied. As a beginning fly tier, his assortment of materials was limited and he only had pink poly for the shuck and back.

Thus, the fly was called "Mr. Pink" to distinguish it from the normal Elk Hair Caddis. Over the years, the exact color of the shuck was found not to be critical, but among ourselves, we still remember the style as Mr. Pink.

Aside from the shuck, the critical step in tying this fly is to have the bottom of the wing in the top 1/3 or higher of the body. This will insure the body sets in the film.


  • Hook: 12-16 dry fly
  • Shuck: polypropylene yarn
  • Wing: elk hair
  • Body: fine poly dubbing
  • Thread:size 70 color of body
  • Tied by Rick Pasquale from the Great Falls North 40 Fly Shop
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