Fly Tying: Shopdust Caddis Emerger

Caddis emergers are one pattern that seem to fish better the more they are chewed on. The TMC 2488H hook is the perfect foundation. I wanted this pattern to be able to be fished until it is destroyed and not have the hook's strength compromised. The glass bead gives the fly an element of translucency. Durability, simplicity, and fish appeal--this bug has it all.


  • TMC 2488H
  • Tyers Bead - Brown Glass
  • Hare'e Ice Dub Brown
  • Natures Spirit Premium Partridge- Dyed Med. Dun
  • Starling 49. Bleached
  • UTC 70 Denier Brown Olive
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Joe grew up north of Great Falls in Conrad, MT. A generational fly fisherman, Joe was raised outdoors - hunting, camping, and skiing. Photography is his latest passion as well as his winless fantasy football team. Be sure to swing by the shop and talk fishing and football with Joe.

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