Fly Tying Video: Black Egg Sucking Leech

A confidence fly for fishing rainbows. It is extremely versatile and can be fished in a variety of ways. Use this fly at ice off fishing still waters under and indicator. When water temps are cold, fish prefer a catatonic (no movement) presentation. Run a chironomid under it, or a damsel nymph. As water temps warm up, it works good on a slow erratic retrieve. In rivers, you can run it dead drift on a nymph rig or swing it. This fly fishes good all season long and across a variety of species.Hook walleye, bass, rainbows, steelhead, browns, and tiger trout on this fly. Most productive when there are natural eggs in the water. Add in a black saddle hackle palmered up the body for faster retrieves of for swinging.


  • Gamakatsu T10 6H tapered salmon hook
  • UTC 140 Fl. Pink Thread
  • Black Bunny Zonker Strip
  • Black Saddle Hackle
  • .025 Lead Wire
  • 20lb Maxima Ultra Green
  • Black Tungsten Beads
  • Black Flashabou
  • UV Black Ice Dub
  • UV Orange Ice Dub
  • UV Pearl Ice Dub
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