Fly Tying Video: Hobo Spey

Sam Wike is on the vise this week to tie the Hobo Spey, commercially tied by Solitude Fly Co. This fly's purpose is to crush Steelhead, but Sam has also swung this fly with great success on the Missouri River for Rainbow and Brown trout.


  • 20mm Waddington Shank
  • 30lb Fire Line
  • #4 Octopus Hook
  • Blue Angel Hair
  • Guinea Feather
  • Black Marabou
  • Lady Amherst Feather
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2 thoughts on “Fly Tying Video: Hobo Spey”

  • Rodney

    I love this fly. Been using it from this recipe for a couple of years now, definitely one of my "go to" swing flies. Has worked well for me on se Washington rivers. The blue one as tied here has worked well and green as well. Nice job, guys. I appreciate the videos

    • Benjamin Colliver
      Benjamin Colliver October 7, 2016 at 5:17 am

      Hey Rodney,
      Thanks for checking out our videos and taking the time to give us your feedback. Really glad this pattern is working for you, adding your personal touch in various colors is what makes tying flies so much fun. I actually just started tying flies last year and I'm having a blast watching the tying videos we have. Let us know if you have any questions or need any tying materials.
      Hope you are having fun at the vice, but more importantly on the water swinging those flies!

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