Fly Tying Video: Olson's Truckee Craw

Justin Olson has developed this amazing little crayfish pattern from fishing hard for big browns on the Truckee river and other near Reno, Nevada. Justin learned to tie from some of the best in the business working at the Reno Fly Shop the past few years with Dave Stanley, Mikey Wier, and Andy Burke and others who are all amazing tiers and fishermen. We are very excited about having Justin working here now at the North 40 Fly Shop in Great Falls, MT.


  • Hook Size #6
  • .035 Lead Wire
  • UTC Floursecnt Orange Thread 70
  • Hungarian Partridge
  • Swiss Straw
  • Dubbing Gold
  • CDC Orange
  • Grizzly Marabou
  • Purple dubbing
  • Ostrich Tuft
  • Brown Hackle
  • Small Gold Wire
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