Fly Tying Video: Pat's Rubber Legs

Pats rubber legs is a stonefly pattern that works well in both spring and fall when the stonefly nymphs are on the drift. This fly can also be fished a week before the Salmon fly hatch, especially on freestones where the current runs swift. Because of the weight in this nymph it will get down quick, where these critters are drifting along the rocky streambed. This pattern has had much success, even over more realistic looking stonefly patterns. The Sexi-floss legs, which are a crinkled Spandex really give this fly movement in the water which make it really hard for trout to resist. It can be tied in a variety of chenille colors like olive, golden, orange and brown to match the insect.


  • 710 Dai Riki Size 6
  • 70 denier brown or tan Ultra thread
  • .030 lead wire
  • Sexi-legs
  • brown New Age Chenille
  • Hard as Hull head cement
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