Fly Tying Video: Snapping Craw

The Snapping Craw made its way onto the scene during the past few high water years on the Missouri. It represents a small molted baby craw that has been washed into the column, therefore it is intended to be fished as a dead drift pattern under an indicator. May to mid July is prime time to fish the Snapping Craw in streams populated by crawfish. It can be tied in a variety of sizes and colors, but olive seems to be the most effective. Try fishing it in tandem with a san juan worm and you'll see happy results.


  • Tiemco 2312 size 8
  • Gold tungsten bead 3.8 mm
  • pheasant tail
  • brown krystal flash
  • sexy floss
  • medium mono eyes
  • ice dub UV gray
  • small ginger hackle
  • olive furry foam
  • medium red ultra wire
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