Fly Tying Video: Telleen's Flash Bang Intruder

Fred Telleen ties his Flash Bang Intruder. Purple and blue are great colors for Salmon and Steelhead.


  • Senyo's Articulated Shank 1"
  • 20# Maxima
  • Spirit River Real Eyes Plus - 3/8" Gold/Chartreuse
  • Daiichi 2557 Intruder Hook - Size 2
  • Senyo's Laser Dub - Chartreuse/Purple
  • UV Polar Chenille - Pink
  • Krinkle Mirror Flash - Pearlescent
  • Purple & Blue Flashabou


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6 thoughts on “Fly Tying Video: Telleen's Flash Bang Intruder”

  • Mike Cerwinka

    Hey Fred! Hope everything is going well on your end! We're set up to go to the Kenai this year for the second silver run. Can't wait.
    If you were to tie the flash bang intruder in red for the Kenai, how would you change the colors? Maybe silver flashabou underneath and red on top? A silver polar chenille body?
    Take care.

  • Hey Mike

    Hey Mike,

    Wish I was there to fish with you guys. I think the red version you described is worth a try. When the water is clear (as it is likely to be this year) I have found that Pink, Cerise or even Rainbow Flashabou with a Pink UV Polar Chenille under body and Hot Pink Senyo's Laser Dub head works very well.

    I hope you guys have a great trip. I'm planning a visit in October. If you need anything, you can contact me here at the store.

    Tight Lines,

  • Mike Cerwinka

    You stopped this poor Ukrainian fly fisherman dead in his tracks at cerise? I took your advise (don't get a big head here) and am going with pink. I used rainbow for the first flashabou with pink on top and now I have a #2 Gamakatsu in my lip because it looked so good, I bit it myself!

  • Fred Telleen

    I hope that hook was barbless Mike. Sound's like you will have a good arsenal. Now you'll just need Stacy to put you on the fish. Remember to strip set. Don't be a jerk and you should be able to sink that hook into salmon lips.

  • Mike Cerwinka

    Hey Fred,
    Although the height of the river limited our success with the rainbows this year, I can't remember ever catching more silvers. We were all catching them on the FBI. You need to change the name of that fly to Doctor Deadly!
    Take care & Merry Christmas

  • Fred Telleen

    I heard you guys had a good silver show. Glad you had a great trip. Flash Bang Intruder. FBI. Fishing By Instinct. I think I'll have to keep the name for now. I got a few leftovers in October on the Flash Bang Intruder myself. Happy New Year Mike!

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