Fly Tying Video: Hexy Time Spinner

With the emergence of the world's largest mayfly upon us, it's time to tie your stock of duns and spinners. The Hex is one of the most underrated hatches of the year because of the location it takes place (skunky, non-moving muddy flats). What it lacks in location it makes up for in the number and types of fish it brings to the surface. So much biomass is brought to the surface during the hatch that bottom dwelling fish such as carp, catfish, walleye, sauger, etc. will rise to the occasion to eat on top. In the Midwest the hatch is so dense that it can be recorded via Doppler radar. Focus on areas along the lower Missouri (below Cascade through Fort Benton), lower Sun River, and lower Belt Creek to have shots at fish eating this monstrous mayfly.


  • Size 6 Streamer Hook
  • Hopper yellow thread
  • Tailing Fibers
  • Dyed Yellow Pheasant Tail
  • Blended UV Yellow and Cinnamon Ice Dub
  • Caddis Wing Things
  • McFlylon Poly Wing
  • Pink Foam
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