Fly Tying Video: Hi-Vis Beetle

Fly tying the Hi-Vis Beetle with Erik Haugen of North 40 Fly Shop. Materials for this fly: Yellowstone Fly Goods2mm closed cell foam (Black or Brown) Fish Hunter Peacock Hurl for the underbody, dyed red Yellowstone Fly Goods Pink 2mm closed cell foam for the Hi-Vis post Hareline Ice dub olive for Thorax Montana Fly black silly legs.

The hot month of August is upon us and with it brings some of the finest terrestrial fishing of the season. Most people have the mindset that hoppers and ants are the only productive terrestrials and too often the beetle is overlooked. The Hi-Vis Beetle incorporates a blend of red peacock hurl with olive ice dub that really brings this fly to life on the water.

Tie it big or small, either way this fly flat out fishes well from the Mo to Belt Creek. This fly fishes really well behind a hopper too and 9 times out of 10 gets eaten before the hopper does.


  • Standard Dry Fly Dai-riki size 14-16
  • 1.5 2 mm Black foam
  • Red Peacock herl
  • Silly Legs Montana Fly
  • 2mm Pink Foam
  • Ice Dub Olive
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