Hi-Viz Spent CDC Caddis

I personally don’t fish very many hi-viz patterns because I generally feel they look too unrealistic.  At the same time, a fly that gets eaten that you can’t see isn’t a productive fly either.  With the Hi Viz Spent CDC Caddis I’ve really tried to incorporate the hi-viz into the pattern in a way that will help the angler see it, the fish not see it, and at the same time make the fly float a little bit better.

We spent a lot of time fishing this pattern in the late spring and summer on the Missouri this year (a pretty good test lab for caddis patterns), and I can tell you that this version of a spent is worth tying.  It’s also not very difficult to tie, and if caddis is one of your go to hatches where you fish the most, it’s hard to want to tie anything that takes more than a few minutes at the vise because I use a lot of caddis patterns in the course of the year.

Please tie, share, and leave feedback.

Material Links Below

Extra Long Standard Dry Fly Hook

70 Ultra thread - Olive

Wonder Wrap - Tan

Mcflylon - Burnt Orange

CDC Feathers

Deer Hair

Squirrel Dubbing - Brown

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4 thoughts on “Hi-Viz Spent CDC Caddis”

  • don

    You've tied2 caddis with cdc mixed with other materials. How do u use floatant?

    • Cutter Streeby

      Hey Don--

      I add floatant to the deer hair… and if some gets on the CDC… as long as it doesn't get saturated… it really doesn't matter, in fact you can see water beading off the CDC… it's when you saturate the CDC that it will not work.

  • Rayhamilton@gmail.com
    Rayhamilton@gmail.com August 22, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    There is a a CDC SPECIFIC floatant. Use it everywhere on the fly.

    • Matt Steffens

      Good call Ray. I have typically found that using a powder floatant vs a gel floatant is a good way to go with CDC caddis as well. Applying the powder to the entire fly is spot on. Below is the option that I tend to use. Thanks for chiming in and helping Don out!


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