Jerry French Ties his Summer Sculpin

Developed in Alaska and tested in the northwest and Montana, Jerry's Summer Sculpin is a great fly to add to your quiver.  Great profile, lot's of movement and subtle flash combine to make this fly one that trout can't ignore.


25mm Shank 
Small Dumbbell Eyes
Loop #50 Braid (You can use this Intruder Wire)
Micro Rabbit or Trimmed (Thinned) Zonker Strip
Red Polar Chenille
Grizzly Flutter Legs
Peacock Ice Dub
Green Barred Predator Wrap
Senyo’s Laser Dub


Regal Fly tying Vice
Loon Outdoors Gator Grip Fly Tying Dubbing Spinner
Loon Head Cement

Need an introduction to Jerry French? Here it is:

"Hi, I'm Jerry French. I was born and raised on the West coast, where I developed a love of fly fishing early on. At the age of 16, I loaded up my Volkswagen Beetle and chased trout all over Washington, Oregon, and BC. My trout addiction inevitably led to steelhead. Once I caught that first summer run steelhead, all I could think about was encountering more.

My summers were soon occupied with guiding in Alaska to support my winter steelhead habit. There's nothing like the peaceful and quiet current of winter steelhead on the Skagit and Sauk Rivers. Now, almost 30 years later, I'm even more infected with the steelhead bug and everything about it!"

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