Joe’s North 40 Skwala

Skwala stoneflies are the first large bug of the year to hatch on many of our rivers.  They are eagerly anticipated by trout and anglers alike. Joe’s North 40 Skwala combines a proven collection of materials into a tasty bug.


  • Thread: Olive UTC 140
  • Hook: Umpqua U103 Hook Size 10
  • Bead: Dazzle Brass Black Gloss 1/8
  • Dubbing: Spirit River UV2 Seal-X Dark Olive
  • Body: Olive Larva Lace
  • Rib: Large Black Ultra Wire
  • Thorax: Peacock Herl
  • Legs: Black MFC Sexy Floss
  • Wing Case: Clear Cure Goo Thick


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Joe grew up north of Great Falls in Conrad, MT. A generational fly fisherman, Joe was raised outdoors - hunting, camping, and skiing. Photography is his latest passion as well as his winless fantasy football team. Be sure to swing by the shop and talk fishing and football with Joe.

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