Lewiston Fishing Report 10.12.17

—North 40 Lewiston

lewiston fishing report

Clearwater River, (ID)

The Clearwater has been tough for most people. I’ve only had a few happy fisher folk throughout the last week. A majority of people just aren’t finding fish. I’ve been out a few times and haven’t had any luck either. Some of the local guys are finding fish, but only a few. Despite those troubles, I’ve seen more anglers on the water. So being the first one to step into a run will increase your chances—meaning, get out there early. Flows are running in the the 3,880 cubic feet a second range at Spalding, with water temperatures coming in at around 50.5 degrees. A couple solid fly choices include Green Butts, Lady Caroline, and Brazilian will work.

Grande Ronde River

Most people are saying that the fishing has been pretty darn good and I’ve seen some guides out and about with clients. And, I have hooked a few fish each time I have hit the Ronde although there’s lots of traffic and I’ve been low-holed a few times. Fly choice doesn’t matter on the Ronde right now—pick your favorite fall pattern and swim it. I fished an intermediate poly leader with a few different flies and that worked for me. Fish a fly you are confident with and you’ll be just fine. You can also swing Intruders and nymphs.

Snake River

Flows are on the drop,  and so is the water temperature. The Snake is now flowing at almost an ideal temperature. I’ve only had one report in the last week from an angler who has caught fish. Other than that I haven’t had any reports of fish being caught, but I’m sure there are a few around. Muddler Minnows are a productive pattern for fall steelhead and I would imagine the Muddler would work on the Snake right now. Green Butts, the Steelhead Addiction, and the Purple Peril are excellent choices, too. Putting the time in on these rivers is the key—time equals fish.

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