Lewiston, Idaho Fishing Report 09.13.18

Lewiston Fishing Report

Lochsa River (ID)

The current flow is 422 cfs at Lowell. I received a report from an avid angler who said that the Lochsa is fishing really well at the moment. His fly of choice was a Griffith’s gnat. He reported seeing spruce moths so thick that the water was white. Yet, no fish had been keying in on them. Elk hair caddis worked a few times for him, but not like the gnat. He also reported seeing lots of anglers on the river, even throughout the whole week, not just the weekend.

North Fork Clearwater River (ID)

The current flow is 693 cfs at Canyon Ranger Station. Right now, nothing new from the North Fork has been reported by any anglers. I imagine the fishing is starting to get as good as the Lochsa is. It would be best to focus on covering a lot of water to have more shots at fish. Flies range from small attractors to big stimulators.

Clearwater River (ID)

The current flow is 7,320 cfs at Spalding. There are more and more fish swimming up the cement barrier. At the beginning of the week, 500 fish swam over the Lower Granite with yet more to come. If you keep tabs on the dam counts, you’ll know that fishing is about to pick up. It will also start bringing more anglers, so be prepared to see some like-minded individuals swinging their hearts away.

Grande Ronde (WA)

The current flow is 503 cfs at Troy, Oregon. At the moment, the water temperatures should be dropping. Also, rain is in the forecast so, that should help bring some fish in too. The water temperature can nip really quick. So, if you have the time and want to have a chance it could happen. Bass fishing will still be good.

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