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Since 1979, Loop has stood as an innovative, forward-thinking company, always striving to educate anglers as well as provide them with quality gear. With their outside-the-box perspective, Loop was able to create the first ever large arbor reel seen in fly fishing. Since then, large arbor reels are in ever fly shop around the world, and used widely from trout to tarpon. We are a proud dealer of Loop rods and reels, and would like to share with you our current line-up of Loop reels.



Loop had their work cut out for them when they decided to offer a bomb proof diecast reel for an affordable price. After using the Multi, I can confidently say Loop accomplished just that. This reel is built to last a lifetime of scratches, drops, and big fish. Available in 3/6, 6/9, and 9/12 this reel is all you need to cover your North American fly fishing excursions. Complete with the same waterproof Matrix Drag System that is offered in other machined reels, this reel will turn that 12lb brown headed for the thick fallen tree. The handle is positioned closer to the middle of the spool for a quicker retrieval speed, and more room when palming is needed. The counterbalance doubles as a leader holder, and the drag knob has been reset so it does not scratch your fly line while making a cast. The spool has a large V design for optimal fly line spooling with a conical shaped rubber handle that allows fly line to slip off easily and tangle free. Because of the Multi, the "budget reel" has a new standard.



Talk about a head turner. This is always the first reel that gets picked up when a customer wonders over to our reel case. Simply put, if this reel were a car, it would be a Mercedes. Available in 6 sizes, each size is specifically crafted for different fishing applications. These precisely balanced spools are crafted from one piece aircraft aluminum for extreme durability and lightness. Being waterproof and salt tolerant, this reel will function flawlessly when chasing steel on coastal rivers, and running down roosterfish along the beach. The Power Matrix Drag System will stop most water dwellers with tenacity. I still have yet to read a negative review of the Opti. Here at North 40 Flyshop, we carry this reel in 3 sizes Dryfly, Runner, and Speedrunner.



"This reel is like a clock, it goes tick tock." This reel is where tradition meets modern technology. Constructed with a sought after "classic" look, this reel has the drag capacity to stop anything that dares to challenge you. Every fisherman and bear within a mile radius will know you are hooked up with this reel. Every time I pick up this reel, I can't help but think of what fun a big fish would sound like when my reel is screaming into the backing. Like Loop's other reels, this one has a Power Matrix Drag System, and is completely waterproof. The Classic is 100% corrosion resistant, and features an ergonomic handle design complete with leader retainer on the counterbalance. Built of one piece aircraft aluminum for durability and lightness, this reel is precisely counterbalanced with components of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. All screws are secured with Loc-Tite. If you need a reel to hold a lot of backing, Loop's Classic reel is the reel for you. We carry 5/8, 7/9, and 8/11 in our flyshops.

Want to try out one yourself? You can find our selection of reels here

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