Old School October Caddis

September to October is the time when the October caddis appears on many of our rivers. Everything swimming in the rivers seems to like them. The steelhead are no exception to that. This pattern is a variation of one I tied years ago.

The only real changes I've made is the body dubbing, which is synthetic material instead of the natural material I use to use. Swing it or strip it either way it has proven quite effective for me.

Thread: 140 Ultra Thread, Burnt Orange.

Hook: Gamakatsu T10-8H #8

Butt: UNI Floss, Orange

Body: Hare's Ice Dub, Rusty Orange

Rib: French Tinsel, Small Oval Gold

Hackle: Mallard Barred, Flank Wood Duck

Wing: Squirrel Tail, Natural Fox

Flash: Krystel Flash, Copper

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Born and raised in Western Washington, I moved to the east side of the state in 1982. The driving force in our family has always been a mixture of fishing, hunting and the outdoors... depending on the season. I caught my first steelhead when I was 16 on an old glass fly rod, swinging a blue Muddler on the North Stilly. Steelhead fishing is a way of life for me. I have fished for them in just about every river in the tri-state area. The Methow River is my home water and brings new surprises every year. Nothing is better than seeing steel take a fly you created yourself. One fish makes for a good day, anything more than that just makes it great.

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