TFP PMD Cripple

The TFP Cripple was created because Missouri River fish tend to eat dead, crippled, and rusty PMD’s much better than bright yellow duns. The problem with a lot of the cripples that we had in the bins, even the CDC variations, was that they tended to be way overdressed and when fished among a bunch of naturals didn’t even look remotely convincing.

So, we came up with this cripple to have a low profile, be sparse, still float, and be visible. We have antron added to the tail, ice dub in front and deer hair on the crippled wing.

At first we thought the deer hair would over power the fly, but after using a lot of different wing materials, if you actually watch the fly on the water--it is the least overpowering of any material as long as you use the deer sparsely on the fly.

The deer hair also repels water and floats much better than many alternatives. If you want to fool picky trout during the summer PMD hatch, this is a worthy option.


1 extra-long standard dry fly hook

70 Ultra Thread - Brown

Wood Duck

Mcflylon - Copper

Turkey biot - Brown

Deer hair

Grizzly hackle

UV Ice Dub: Light Yellow

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