Fly Tying Video: Wike's Donatello Cripple

The Donatello Cripple is low profile cripple that is still very visible on the water. It is designed as a attractor baetis cripple and profiles really well on the water. The olive/purple contrast isn't overly realistic, and is actually the third of three colors I've messed around with on this pattern but has become my favorite of the three. The trimmed hackle on the bottom makes the fly float higher than a hackle stacker design but still very low to the water and the CDC post below the purple antron looks like a realistic dead wing. Wood duck is preferable for the tail but can be sub'd for dyed mallard flank. Fish it during baetis soup on the Mo.


  • Tiemco 100
  • Dun CDC
  • Purple Antron
  • BWO Biot
  • Wood Duck
  • Purple Fish Dope
  • Hackle: Grizzly
  • Purple or Olive
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