You just want to jump some tarpon? Is that all that is on your mind? They aren’t grande keys tarpon but if you want to have shots at a lot of tarpon in a short amount of time, learn the strip set, learn how to bow to the sabalo (tarpon), and have dinner in the colonial streets of Campeche then this is your jam. Campeche’s water is a maze of mangrove inlets and tea colored flats chock full of baby tarpon. In the morning expect to see hundreds of baby tarpon rolling on the flats. In our experience here, we often left before daylight and could hear them rolling all around us as we sipped our morning coffee. While the mornings are great, the action never ends, you will cast at babies all day long.

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Baby Tarpon...only.
We recommend getting a guide.Wading is not an option. However, if you are really ambitious, renting a stand up kayak, or a paddle board would be an option. The Tarpon are not necessarily hard to find and if you really want an adventure, a stand up kayak or paddle board would put you in to fish. If you do that, we want to hear about it!
All you will need for this trip are some 8 weight rods, rigged with floating WF saltwater lines. We recommend 60-80 pound tarpon leaders.
Bring a selection of top water Gurglers and Poppers, as well as, Baitfish patterns. We caught fish on a large variety of tarpon flies from sizes 2-1/0.