Clark Fork River Reports

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    clark fork river fishing report

    Clark Fork River (ID) Fishing Report

    Fishing has been mainly good, but still a little spotty. Flows are low for the most part, but can drastically rise at any moment. I have heard of a couple boats grinding up their props, or running ashore this week, so be careful out there. This river is no joke. There should be a few October caddis fluttering around, as well as light cahills, and midges. Mid-day through the evening has been the best time to hit the river. This is great for those fair-weather fisherman who like to sleep in, drink an extra cup of coffee, and make a lumberjack breakfast. When you’re on the water try a #10 October Caddis adult, a #12 Light Cahill, a #16 PMD Comparadun, a #20 Hanging Midge, a #14 purple Grumpy Frumpy, a #10 black Moodah Poodah, or a #12 orange RL Stimulator. Personally, this is my favorite time of year to swing lfies. I will swing a #6 olive Balanced Leech with my Airflo Scout Skagit head like no other. If the leech isn't working (doubtful), I'll try a tan Baby Gonga, or a brown Complex Twist. If they still aren't eating, it’s time to go home. Plenty of good fishing to be had on this river.

    Lake Cocolalla Fishing Report

    A few good reports are rolling in from the trollers who enjoy putting around the lake. Most fish have been caught on a small broken-back Rapala just below the surface, but that is not an option for us fly fisherman. A #6 rust Slump Buster will do the trick as well as a #6 olive Woolly Bugger. The bigger trout in this lake primarily feed on juvenile perch, so try flies that resemble a perch. However, pods of trout can be seen sipping midges off the surface in the morning between 7 and 9 a.m. Once the wind picks up, the surface activity slows down, and it is time to fish sub-surface. My favorite line for this lake is an intermediate sink. Currently I am using Rio Camolux for my 5 weight. My secondary line is a type VI line to reach those deeper trout . . . and catfish. This lake still hasn't turned on comletely, but will anytime depending on the weather. It wouldn’t be bad to be the guy on the water the day that it does turn.

    Kootenai River Fishing Report

    The flows recently dropped from 6,080 cubic feet a second to 4,140 cfs. The river won't get much lower than this. Now is the perfect time to walk/wade the Kootenai. The Montana portion of this river has better access, but there are still some great runs near Moyie Springs, Idaho. It is still dry-fly season so don't tie on your nymphs just yet. PMD's, BWO's, mahogany duns, and October caddis are what's hatching. If the trout are refusing your "match the hatch" fly, throw a #10 Royal Chubby Chernobyl. The trout in this river simply cannot resist the Chub. This is a river I will always bring my streamer box to. The trout in this river are ferocious. They have an "eat or be eaten" mentality. Swing or strip a white complex twist, Montana Mini Intruder, or a Halloween Cheech Leech. You might catch a personal best rainbow because these fish can run big in the Kootenai.