Clearwater River Report

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    Clearwater River, (ID)

    Roughly 28,000 fish have made it over the dam since July 1. Considering this year’s predictions for steelhead, this week has had a fair amount of fish come over. About 10,000 fish swam over in the last three days. With water temperatures cooling down throughout each system, there is no telling where these fish are going. I have had a few reports of fish being caught on the Clearwater, yet it seems more people are coming in and talking about being skunked than they are catching fish. Still, the guy who sticks it out and fishes low water flies with confidence will find a fish. Do not stray away from the skater. Brett’s Klamath Skater, or any October caddis skater pattern would work. Been hearing that the October caddis are here, I’ve also seen a few. No mass flocks of them yet.

    Grande Ronde River

    If you’re like me, you follow certain people on social media who like to promote their fishing. It doesn’t take a dummy to figure out where people are fishing. I have been seeing various post about fish being caught on this river. Skaters will work and traditional Spey flies get grabs, too. I talked to a gentleman who was catching them on swung nymphs, too. So the options are open. The water is up to 797 cfs while I write this. With no rain predicted so far this week it could drop some. Lots of people have been fishing the lower river, so it is definitely getting a lot of pressure. You may find multiple people in each run. Be mindful of each other and stay friendly.

    Snake River

    The Snake is at 31,500 cfs at the moment. Fish can still be caught, it just won’t be as productive as it is at lower flows. I have not yet heard of a fish being caught out of the Snake. Don’t necessarily overlook the river because the A-run fish are moving up it