Dry Fly

When it comes to the "be-all, end-all" of fly fishing, that space is (arguably) reserved for tricking trout on the dry fly. When 9' leaders and 5X tippet are added to micro currents and where the sun stands behind you... right when you finally get that bug to drift perfectly and it all seems to come together in a perfect union... you sometimes STILL miss that fish you can literally see. And that's the name of the game: trying, failing, getting better and going back out again. For those of you who are about to dry, we salute you. Check out our selection of flies below.

  • TFP PMD Cripple

    The TFP Cripple was created because Missouri River fish tend to eat dead, crippled, and rusty PMD’s much better than bright yellow duns.

  • Hi-Viz Spent CDC Caddis

    I personally don’t fish very many hi-viz patterns because I generally feel they look too unrealistic. At the same time, a fly that gets eaten that you ca

  • Party On Top Caddis

    This fly has been a long time in design, not something that just recently plopped off the vise. In fact you can see an old version of it in the youtube sph

  • Fly Tying: Mr. Pink Caddis

    Started using this pattern over twenty years ago, when a client from the San Francisco Bay area brought a few that he had tied.

  • Fly Tying: Royal Chubby

    The Chubby, otherwise known as the Chubby Chernobyl as derived from the Chernobyl Ant has been around awhile and just keeps getting more popular with more

  • Fly Tying: Banana Slug Stimulator

    I have found this fly to produce well early and late evening when caddis hatches are expected to occur. I like B.S. primarily in a size 10 because the fly

  • Kelly Oikawa Brown Drake

    Kelly’s Brown Drake is one of the best drakes out there but you’ll have to tie it because you won’t find it in the bins. Most big bugs don’t get te

  • Hexy Time Spinner

    With the emergence of the world's largest mayfly upon us, it's time to tie your stock of duns and spinners. The Hex is one of the most underrated hatches o

  • Cornfed's Vagabond Hopper

    Probably one of the best hopper patterns to ever come out of our shop. Cornfed pulled out all the stops to make sure that this foamy was a level above what

  • Wike's Donatello Cripple

    The Donatello Cripple is low profile cripple that is still very visible on the water. It is designed as a attractor baetis cripple and profiles really well

  • Spokane River Special

    This caddis emerger pattern is an effective way to seek out trout in a larger body of water. This fly acts as an attractor emerger during a caddis hatch.

  • Wike's CDC Caddis

    Need a great fly for the CDC River? Well, then this one is for you.

  • Streek's Parachute Caddis

    Neale Streeks joins the Missouri River Flyfishers as our guest tyer in March. He puts together a tried and tested variation of a parachute caddis.

  • Rockchuck Hopper

    Fly tying the Rockchuck Hopper with North 40 Fly shop guest tyer Keaner Boyce.There is nothing more addictive in fly fishing than watching a large trout ch

  • Parachute Purple Haze

    By adding holo tinsel peacock hurl, krystal flash and UV ice dub to this fly, these materials enhance the already highly UV purple colors and makes this fl

  • Parachute Adams

    Dustin Bise in Ponderay ties a Parachute Adams. This fly is perhaps the most versatile of all dry flies. They are a must have in a variety of sizes and col

  • Hi-Vis Beetle

    Fly tying the Hi-Vis Beetle with Erik Haugen of North 40 Fly Shop. The hot month of August is upon us and with it brings some of the finest terrestrial fis

  • Griffith's Gnat

    The Griffith’s Gnat is still one of the most go to midge patterns for fly anglers. It is easy to tie and extremely effective.

  • Green Drake

    This is a green drake pattern that can be fished either dry or as an emerger. Fish this on size 10 or 12 during the early summer.

  • Elk Hair Caddis

    Probably the most recognizable caddis fly silhouette out there, and also probably still one of the most effective. The pattern floats well due to dry fly h

  • Craig Mathews' Sparkle Dun

    Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone and founder of 1% for the Planet joins the Missouri River Flyfishers general meeting to speak

  • Chubby Chernobyl

    Denver at the North 40 Fly Shop in Great Falls, MT is behind the vise this week tying a Chubby Chernobyl. This pattern is used to imitate either a stonefly

  • Bise's B-bug Dry Fly

    Dustin Bise is behind the vise today tying a skwala pattern he calls Bise's B Bug. This is an early season attractor stonefly that is a hybrid Pat's Rubber