At the "emerger stage," a mayfly begins to either rise to the surface, crawl onto shore, or shed its skin beneath the water in preparation to hatch. These are great patterns to have on hand when the fish are "bulging" the surface water. It's sometimes hard to tell what bugs the fish are eating (especially when you first start out fly fishing), but a good way to tell is whether or not the fish's head breaks the water--if it does not, then tie on an emerger.

  • Fly Tying: N40 Caddis

    I am not really sure why, but there are a few things I like about this fly. Gold beads work. That’s been proven over the last 30 years on about a billion

  • Rick's Montana Wonder Bug

    In trying to find the origination of the Montana Wonder Bug, the internet yielded patterns for other wonder bugs. However, I found that a number of the old

  • Fly Tying: Shopdust Caddis Emerger

    Caddis emergers are one pattern that seem to fish better the more they are chewed on. The TMC 2488H hook is the perfect foundation​.

  • Fly Tying: Challenged Baetis Variant Pattern

    The challenged series flies are one of my favorite crippled emerger patterns. These can be tied for any type of mayfly.

  • Red Serendipity

    This week Denver ties the Red Serendipity. This Midge variation with a tuft of deer hair for the wing case to create the profile of an emerging midge.

  • Pulsating Emerger

    This fly incorporates turkey biot for the abdomen, and CDC for the wing. It's slender, low-riding profile, coupled with the very natural segmented-look of

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  • Peacock and Partridge Caddis Emerger

    Guest tyer, Keven Lyons is behind the vise today for the Big R Fly Shop in Great Falls, MT. He is showing us his recipe for a caddis emerger out of peacock

  • Keith's Partridge Soft Hackle

    Denver Rathbun, the newest face at North 40 Fly Shop in Great Falls is behind the vise this month in our new fly tying segment called Creature Classic. Thi

  • Fuller's Turducken

    Calvin ties his Turducken emerger at the North 40 Fly Shop in Ponderay. So called due to its use of turkey, duck, and chicken materials.

  • D-duck Caddis

    The D-Duck Caddis is a new pattern to North 40 Flyshop this year and has quickly become one of our favorites for picky risers.

  • Cornfed's Day Saver Caddis

    I created the Day-saver at the beginning of this year in hopes to find a transition pattern between two popular caddis patterns; the translucent pupa and t