Great Falls Fishing Report

We get it—Big Sky Country offers some of the best trout fishing options in the West, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the Great Falls area you get a crack at what many people would call the very best. That’s the Missouri River for you—major dry fly possibilities and, always, the opportunity to land a beast on dry, dropper or streamer. But the opps don’t stop there—many small streams offer great fishing for rainbows, browns and cutthroats, and the area lakes, including Canyon Ferry, Pishkin, Hauser and Holter—to name only a few—kick out big trout, plus walleye and pike. The only problem you may have while fishing around Great Falls is deciding where to fish.
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    The season has fully changed. The water temps will stay below 40 degrees for some months now. The fish have shifted to their winter haunts. Look for medium-depth, walking-speed current. Shelves and inside bends are key features. You will even find them cruising in the almost still waters.


    Swing them and retrieve them slow. Montana Mini Intruder, Mini Dungeon, TFP Polar Minnow, BB Damsel Dragon Buggers, GB Buggers, OB Squirrel Leech and RL Thin Mints.


    The nymph lineup is not going to change much for months now. Mini Mo Czech, TFP Tufted Zebra, JuJubee Midge, Zebra Midge, Tailwater Tiny, Tung Teaser, Rainbow Weight Fly, Pink Crush, FB Rainbow Czech, FB Sow, Gut Bomb Sow, Tailwater Sow, Rainbow Czechs, SJ Worms and Eggs.


    If you want to go dry, the midge is your hatch. Sometimes you can move fish on a small attractor. Cluster midges in #14-#16 are a good bet. The venerable Griffiths is always a player in #18. Size #20-24 Adult Midges and Para-Adams’ are going to be your hatch-matchers. A Pulsating Emerger in the film is also a solid bet.

    Trout Spey

    Swing season is on. If you can manage to keep warm enough to enjoy being outside on the water, trout spey fishing is about as enjoyable as it gets. Suit up with warm layers, bring along a thermos of hot beverages, stay close to the car on the real cold days, but don’t be afraid to venture out in the winter months. From December through March, every day on the water is like an extra special gift.

    Fly Tying Season

    Our busy calendar of fly-tying classes and events has started. We’ve got a list of dates posted and we will be running into March. Follow our social channels to stay tuned in, or stop by the shop and we’ll tell you what’s going on. As always, the coffee and the conversation is perpetually on and we offer a nice, safe space amid the holiday bustle in the store.

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