• With warm weather coming around the corner (hopefully), I have been tossing and turning at night thinking of fishing for smallies. When I start to noticed loss of sleep, fishing becomes an issue. So I decided to take matters into my own hands, and fish for smallmouth no matter the weather. The Memorial Field boat launch is still inaccessible, but the City Beach launch has plenty of clearance. The bass don't seem to be interested in the fly just yet. Which is understandable considering water temperatures are in the 40s. The bass we found were associated with small sandy points anywhere from 5-10 feet of water. All of the bass were very white due to lack of sun, and having just moved from deeper water. Like I said, the sluggish smallies wanted nothing to do with the Chartreuse Hud's Bushwacker. Instead, I found my bass on a green with gold flake KVD Coffee Tube. Slow crawling critters is what the bass wanted, so that's what we fed them. The bite was never hot, but we did manage to pick up a few. Learn to tie the Bushwacker right here. If you are looking to have a double digit bass day, you'll have to wait a couple weeks. If you love bass fishing and are willing to sit in the rain for a few hours, give the lake a try.

  • Lake Pend O'reille Fishing Report 4.25.2017