Lewiston Fishing Report

Lewiston is steelhead country and you can find those fish on the Clearwater, Snake, Grande Ronde and Salmon rivers beginning as early as July each year. These brutes may range to 20 pounds, with the average fish weighing in at around eight pounds—and that’s a big sea-run rainbow trout! At times, you may also find chinook salmon swimming next to those steelhead and some of these fish top out at more than 20 pounds. There are other options here, too, including the chance to catch state-record-size smallmouth bass on Dworshak Reservoir. Higher up you’ll find native westslope cutthroats on the Lochsa and Selway rivers—these fish eagerly slam dry flies and never disappoint. For variety, Lewiston is tough to beat.
  • Idaho fishing report Clearwater River

    The Clearwater is flowing at 9,590 cubic feet per second, as of 12.07. The river is fishing, event though flows are strong. Last Thursday, while I was out on the lower river I got a nice take with a little bit of a pull, yet I missed the fish. I was using an intermediate poly-leader with a size five Winters Hope. So, what to use? Whatever your heart follows. Summer-run steelhead, even though our waters are hovering around the low 40's even high 30's, will still travel to your fly in the upper column. The more I ask the folk who have been fishing around the area for the last 20-plus years, the more I hear full floating lines with small flies are the ticket. You can use tips and weighted Intruders, too. Intruders—meaning bigger profiled flies work. The options are endless. Choose the method you have confidence in.

    Grande Ronde River

    Currently flowing at 1,500 cubic feet per second. I’ve received a few reports that the river has been fishing up around Boggans. We have been hearing of guys catching fish while nymphing around that area. If you want to fill the smoker, grabbing the nymph and bobber rig will be the route to go. Fishing a stonefly and egg pattern will be your best and easiest options. If you want a challenge you can swing your fly. I was recently fishing up around Boggans and caught some fish using an intermediate tip and a traditional fly. I also tied on an Intruder with dumbell eyes and caught fish. Fishing sink-tips seems to be the most productive method when swinging. Leeches are a really productive pattern this time of year. You've just got to find where those fish are holding.

    Snake River

    Flowing at18,700 cubic feet per second. We’ve only had one report come through our shop. The anglers reported catching one fish on a T-11 sink tip and Hoh-Bo Spey. They mentioned that traffic on the Snake has been pretty heavy with lots of boats and wade anglers. The current rate of water coming down the river has me thinking that this weekend could have some promising fishing. Floating lines, sinking lines, it'll all work. Get your fly in the water and focus on a slow presentation. In these slower, colder months try to not focus on catching multiple fish. Even one is a bonus. Keep your sights on the overall picture and this should make your days on the water enjoyable.

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