Lewiston Fishing Report

Lewiston is steelhead country and you can find those fish on the Clearwater, Snake, Grande Ronde and Salmon rivers beginning as early as July each year. These brutes may range to 20 pounds, with the average fish weighing in at around eight pounds—and that’s a big sea-run rainbow trout! At times, you may also find chinook salmon swimming next to those steelhead and some of these fish top out at more than 20 pounds. There are other options here, too, including the chance to catch state-record-size smallmouth bass on Dworshak Reservoir. Higher up you’ll find native westslope cutthroats on the Lochsa and Selway rivers—these fish eagerly slam dry flies and never disappoint. For variety, Lewiston is tough to beat.
  • Idaho fishing report 12.21.17

    Clearwater River (ID)

    The Clearwater River is closed to steelhead fishing. There are other species that you can target on the river. For more information on the closure, you can call the shop or go to this link https://idfg.idaho.gov/press/fish-and-game-commission-suspends-steelhead-fishing-due-threatened-lawsuit.

    Snake River (WA)

    The current flow is 14,400 cfs at Anatone. The water temperatures have been in the low to mid-forties. Floating lines are working. A shop angler caught a fish last week on a floating line with a dumbbell eyed intruder. Light sink tips can bring fish to hand. A T-8 sink tip is the most we would throw on the Snake this time of year. Nymphing is never out of the question either. Using a double-beaded stonefly with another attractor fly is also effective.

    Grande Ronde (WA)

    The current flow is 806 cfs at Troy, Oregon. We have not had any promising reports from the Ronde. It has been very slow for most anglers who are swinging flies. Nymphing this time a year can bring fish to hand. A double-beaded stonefly with an attractor nymph will work. If you choose swinging, throw a sink tip and an intruder. T-8 to T-11 would be a good tip to swing.

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