Missouri River Report

  • —North 40 Great Falls

    missouri river fishing report (2) Missouri River (MT)

    The word from the river is good. Some days really good. My last guide trip was exceptional. The bite is strong. The cooler weather we’ve had since mid-September has dropped the water temps steadily and put the fish on alert that winter is coming. Their response is to eat like they mean it.

    If you want to plan a great day, fish streamers in the morning. Nymph for an hour or three mid-day and then get your dry fly action on in the afternoon. Also, don’t overlook the soft hackle. vDead drifted in the film or gently swung and lifted at the edge of a pod of rising fish, a softy can get you some big eats. If you are still out as the sun is going down, pull that streamer some more.

    Some Fly Choices

    Streamers: Montana Mini Intruder, TFP Polar Minnow, Bald Eagle, Smoke N’ Mirrors, Flash Minnow, Kreelex, Coffee’s, Skiddish, JJ Bugger, Barely Legal, Cheech Leech

    Nymphs: Gut Bomb Sow, Tailwater Sow, Rainbow Czechs, Worms, Tufted Zebra, Tung Death Metal, Military May, Crust Nymph, Hares Ear, Radiation Baetis, Tung Psycho May, Red Headed Step Child, Rainbow Warrior, Lightning Bugs, Pheasant Tails, Translucent Pupa, Bloom’s Tung Dart, Bloom’s Weight Fly

    Softies: Soft Hackle Biot BWO, Pulsating Emerger, Partridge & Orange, Micro Beeley

    Dries: Hi Vis Para Baetis, Para Adams, Spotlight May, Ext Body BWO, Tilted BWO, Donatello, Purple Haze, Purple Rooster, Purple Sparkle Adams, Missing Link Caddis, TFP Hot Mess, Party On Top, October Caddis, Bloom’s Para Ant, Bloom’s Stealth Ant, Hippie Stomper, Grumpy Frumpy, Water Wasp, Cinnamon Toast Ant

    The Time Is Now

    The extended forecast is partly cloudy with highs pushing past 50 most days. You can’t script a better fall fly fishing window.