Missouri River Report


    Hi, Simon Gawesworth from Rio Products here, talking to you about one of my favorite rivers in the world, the Missouri. The mighty MO. I love this river to death, and I like it because you can do everything in it. You can streamer it, dry fly it, you can nymph it, you can soft tackle it, I'm an addict. So, it's a great versatile river in the way that you can just fish all different tactics. So, I'm here really to run through very quickly what the best lines are for that type of fishing.

    Best (RIO) Streamer Lines for the Missouri River

    If you're a streamer angler, then we have a line called a Streamer Tip. That is a perfect line for hitting the banks when you're drifting down. It's got a very short sink tip. These are only 10 feet long, so you can cast to the bank, make three strips, pick it up again because it's a short sink tip. You don't want long sink tips because then you can't strip it. You have to strip it all the way back to the boat, and you're pulling it out of the taking zone. Streamer tips available with an intermediate tip, which I think is the best type for banks. But there's also a fast sinking tip version if you're going to hit some deep slots. So that's a great line for fishing streams in the Missouri.

    Best (RIO) Dry Fly Lines for the Missouri River

    If you're dry fly angler, love the dry flies, then our trout LT... Where are you? Here it is. Then the Trout LT's probably the best dry fly line we have. It's got very long tapers. It's got soft presentation. That's what it's all about. You don't want heavy impact lines, especially if you're fishing little. You want long, long tapers on that. The In Touch Trout LT dry fly line will give you that. Perfect presentation line for fishing dry flies. If you're a druggie on the old swinging soft hackles as I am on this one, we have this brand new line, In Touch single handed spey, 3D. It's a three density single-handed spey line. It's got a floating head and running line.

    It's got a hover middle section. It's got an intermediate tip and I absolutely love to swing soft hackles on the MO and all the streams. This is an unbelievably deadly technique. I don't like the ones with beads, the soft tackles with beads because they don't have such nice action in the water, so I like to fish the really light weight ones and then skate. If you swing in on a tight line, they skate almost like floating lines. So, this is exactly the line for swinging in soft tackles. Little three density line. Put it on some Supple Flex leader and Supple Flex tippet. Again, you want the most soft presentation, the natural presentation when you're swinging soft tackles.

    Best (RIO) Nymph Line for the Missouri River

    So, Supple Flex is the best leader in tippet or that. And then finally if you're fishing indicators out of a boat, we have a line called the RIO Extreme Indicator. This is designed for boat fishing applications. It's got a short head, so it can really pop it up at six or eight or ten-foot cast if you like that. If you're fishing it right close to the drift boat, but it's got a long mending section if you want to make long drifts and throw it down there. It's got a bright orange tip to it if you want to have a tip on the end and use that as an indicator, but the taper is good enough to through any kind of thing-a-ma-bob or yarn or whatever kind of indicator you like on your nymph rigs.

    It'll handle all the nymph rigs you're likely to fish. So, that's it in a nutshell. Those are the key lines I would use on the Missouri or I do use on the Missouri from Rio products.