Trout spend most of their time feeding under water, and for those of us used to fishing through the colder months, we can appreciate a decent nymph pattern. With the selection we have online here, you'll be able to rig a traditional Czech or other double dropper setup... plus, we've got the right bugs to get your hopper-dropper game on the mend (pun intended). Click below and find a pattern to fit your waters.

  • Fly Tying: N40 Caddis

    I am not really sure why, but there are a few things I like about this fly. Gold beads work. That’s been proven over the last 30 years on about a billion

  • Fly Tying: Crust Nymph

    We have actually been tying the crust nymph for a long time. After analyzing how slender mayfly bodies are in the Missouri, we started to slender up the bo

  • Fly Tying: Pheasant Tail

    The Pheasant Tail Nymph imitates a variety of aquatic insects. It can be compared to the nymph version of the Adams.

  • Fly Tying: Marabou Damsel

    This is a simple, yet effective, damsel pattern tied with minimal materials. Fish it primarily is still water, like lakes or slow moving river currents.

  • Fly Tying: N40 Tufted Zebra Midge

    One could argue that the Zebra midge is one of the best trout flies of all time. This is especially true on western tailwaters.

  • Fly Tying: Mini Mo Czech Nymph

    Another winner from the vise of Sam Wike. Traditional Czech Nymphs are a player on the Missouri River year round.

  • Joe’s North 40 Skwala

    Skwala stoneflies are the first large bug of the year to hatch on many of our rivers. They are eagerly anticipated by trout and anglers alike.

  • Fly Tying: Perfecting the Tailwater Sow Bug

    The Tailwater Sow Bug is an extremely effective nymph for the Missouri River that produces year round. I have been tinkering with TW Sow variations and her

  • Fly Tying Wednesday: UV Tung Prince

    The UV Tung Prince combines the classic reliability of the Prince Nymph along with new-age UV synthetics and a tungsten bead.

  • Zebra Midge

    The Zebra Midge is a simple pattern to tie and is a staple pattern here on the Missouri River all year. This bug has an added wing of Krystal Flash.

  • Tungsten Parrot Nymph

    Another great new fly from our North40 Fly Shop! Check it out here!

  • Telleen's Bitch Creek Variant

    Fred Telleen from North 40 Fly Shop in Great Falls, MT ties up his rendition of the popular Bitch Creek fly.

  • Tailwater Sowbug

    The Tailwater Sow Bug is an extremely effective nymph for the Missouri River that produces year round.

  • Spirit River UV2 Scud

    Fred Telleen ties a typical scud pattern using the new UV2 dubbing from Spirit River. Under a UV light, this bug glows with bioluminescence!

  • Snapping Craw

    The Snapping Craw made its way onto the scene during the past few high water years on the Missouri.

  • Rib Worm

    Looking for an easy tie with great results? We got you covered. The Rib Worm is just that.

  • Red Headed Stepchild

    Hogan Brown designed the Red Headed Stepchild to take the place of two general attractor nymphs; the Red Copper John and Red Headed Prince.

  • Ray Charles Sow Bug

    Denver Rathbun at the Great Falls North 40 Fly Shop is behind the vise tying the Ray Charles, which is a must-have for the Missouri River.

  • Putzy Pupa

    The Putzy pupa was created to be used as a point fly (weight fly) for low water conditions when fishing tandem nymph rigs. Turns out it tends to out fish t

  • Purple Lightning Bug

    Denver ties the Purple Lightning Bug. This pattern fishes well most months of the year, but especially in the Fall and Winter months, and makes for a great

  • Pat's Rubber Legs

    Pats rubber legs is a stonefly pattern that works well in both spring and fall when the stonefly nymphs are on the drift. This fly can also be fished a wee

  • Olson's Truckee Craw

    Justin Olson has developed this amazing little crayfish pattern from fishing hard for big browns on the Truckee river and other near Reno, Nevada.

  • Olson's Mono Baetis

    Justin developed this nymph to fish baetis hatches on western streams. This fly works well behind a heavily weighted nymph, stonefly or caddis larva.

  • October Caddis Pupa

    Dustin's October Caddis Pupa fly pattern is a great fly to swing for steelhead and even trout at the end of September just prior to the emergence of the ad

  • Lil Patriot Midge

    This pattern will work great in cold weather fishing situations. Especially tailwaters such as the Missouri River in winter. This fly is a trout magnet.

  • Hot Spot Czech Nymph

    Justin developed this heavy nymph pattern to get down deep fast in freestone water out west. It makes for a good runoff fly that would be effective on Belt

  • Bubble Back PMD

    This is an attention grabbing Pale Morning Dun nymph imitation. The CDC going over the bead creates a bubble looking top that really looks like emerging wi

  • Blue Nymph

    Dustin Bise is on the vise this week tying up his blue nymph. A combination of prince nymph and czech nymph characteristics, this fly is an all around good

  • Bennetts Crawdad

    This week Greg Bennett, fly shop lead at the North 40 Fly Shop in Omak, WA, is behind the vise tying his Crawdad. Incorporating Fish Skull's Crawbodies, Gr

  • Fuschia Lightning Bug

    The Fuchsia Lightning Bug is an attractor type nymph pattern the can imitate both midge and baetis nymphs. It fishes well on the Missouri River towards the