From striped bass on the east coast to bonefish and tarpon in the southern hemisphere, sight stalking game fish on the salt flats is one of the dreams most fly fishers graduate to after the progression from trout streams to steelhead. Whether you're heading out for the first time, or heading back for the 50th, we've got a selection of saltwater flies that will get you a good shot at whatever is lurking out there. Check them out below.

  • Tie the Marabou Toad

    The toad! The marabou toad is a Tarpon classic, and as our North 40 Fly Shop staff gets ready for their hosted trip for Belize this year it is a requireme

  • Fuller's Crazy Charlie Variant

    Calvin from the Ponderay Fly Shop is back on the vise in this month's Creature Feature with a salty little nibble called the Crazy Charlie.

  • Christmas Island Bonefish

    Calvin is behind the vise tying a variation of a Christmas Island special bonefish fly. The fly is smaller and shorter than most bonefish flies.

  • Rooster Rouster

    The Rooster Rouster imitates a saltwater Sardina (flatiron herring) baitfish which is a major source of fuel for bigger saltwater fish such as the Rooster