Skeena River

The legendary salmon and steelhead runs of the world famous Skeena are literally at your doorstep. Access to 4 kilometers of fishable water is available on our private property, with an additional 5 kilometers of adjoining public land also at your disposal. All the runs are easily reached with the provided ATVs.

As a guest of Skeena Meadows, the entire 685 acre property is essentially your private outdoor retreat. There are many pleasant hikes along the riverbank or up into the woods, as well as trails to explore with the ATVs.

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The Skeena River is arguably the most famous anadromous waterway in the world. While all five species of pacific salmon migrate up the Skeena, it is the 100% wild steelhead that draw the most attention. Average fish range from 8-15lbs with fish exceeding 20lbs or even 30lbs a possibility.

Many famous tributaries enter the Skeena River upstream from Skeena meadows, giving guest’s first crack at passing fish. We will be fishing for five full days (Monday through Friday).

While the Skeena River is perfectly suited to two-handed “Spey” rods, anglers with single hand rods can still reach the fish. The Skeena is a large river and migrating fish often run close to the banks in easy casting range.

Single Hand Rods of 7-9wt and Two Hand Rods of 6-9wt are useful. An 8wt Single and 7wt Spey would be an ideal pairing.

Swinging flies is the preferred technique. Single handers should have both floating and sinking tip lines. Two handers will want both Scandi and Skagit set ups. Work with Fred if you need help getting outfitted with the proper systems.

While our rate does not include guided fishing, guides can be added for $600 US per person per day. It is recommended that anglers consider hiring a guide for at least a day or two. The trip host will be on hand to help with both casting instruction and fishing support. His goal will be to see that everyone enjoys their fishing experience on the Skeena.
Combining the appeal of sleeping in the outdoors with the creature comforts of a fine hotel stay, the lodging at Skeena Meadows re-defines the notion of camping. Each of the four 864 sq.ft. Tents are insulated, smoke-free, and feature hardwood floors, leather furniture, fine linens, propane heaters, remote start generators, showers and full kitchen facilities.

Situated in secluded and private settings, each spacious tent also features two outdoor decks and a wood-fired hot tub. Daily housekeeping services and an expediting service for anything you may desire are also provided. Included with each tent is a covered, 4×4, side by side ATV for your personal and exclusive use. This allows you free-range of the property to access fishing runs, pheasant shooting and trap areas, or to simply explore the terrain.

This is 5 star camping as you’ve never experienced before.
Your schedule, your choice.

During your stay at Skeena Meadows, you call the shots for the meals and times which suit your schedule the best. Breakfast and lunches can be ready to go in the fridge and dinners will be prepped as much as possible and delivered to you. You just need to follow our simple final instructions and enjoy a decadent meal at the time you choose.

Whenever possible, we strive to provide garden fresh vegetables in your personal pantry which are grown right on the property, or purchased from local producers. Along with the fully appointed kitchen, each tent is also furnished with a BBQ for outdoor grilling. Combined with the daily housekeeping service, our food service leaves you feeling like you have been on that special vacation.

Skeena Meadows’ food is as unique as the accommodation. The exquisite table fare is delivered to your tent daily with full instructions on how to cook it at your convenience. If the fishing is hot until 9pm, keep going! There’s no reason to stop for pre-arranged dinner times.

Each day, our housekeeping staff will replenish your stock items, clean up your rooms and do your dishes. All you have to worry about is enjoying your time in the outdoors.

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By Air: The two closest airports are located in the towns of Smithers and Terrace, BC. Guests of Skeena Meadows receive a preferred rate from Hawkair on a one-way fare from Vancouver to Smithers. Contact us for details.

By Road: Skeena Meadows is located off Hwy 16 between the towns of Smithers and Terrace, BC, approximately 7 kms west of Seeley Lake.