• If you haven’t floated the Smith; Do. I have been lucky enough to not only float the Smith River many times but also grow up, shoot potato guns, get married, brand cows, eat oysters (Rocky Mountain style), ride, huck cliffs, climb limestone, hike, hunt elk, have dance parties, and fish my butt off on its banks; and it is one special place. The Smith dumps in to the Missouri River near Ulm, Montana (12 miles from Great Falls). For those of you who say there is nothing to do in Great Falls, I strongly, with all my heart disagree with you. I do agree that these areas are hard to research on Google, and have weak SEO but if you live here you should certainly favor that because compared to other area in Montana the Smith River and its surrounding areas are still WILD. To float the river during its normal float season you must apply for a permit (unless you own land there in which case “I will work for access”). The due date for those permits is tomorrow, February 19th. My wife has literally said, and this is coming from someone I’ve taken fishing with me to Honduras, Belize, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc… “The Smith River was my favorite trip I’ve ever been on.” Apply Here: http://app.mt.gov/als/index/index.html Here are some photos to further motivate you to click the above link and get out there Great Falls, Montana.    

  • Why you need to Apply to Float the Smith Today