Snake River Report

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    Above average temperatures with very little precipitation will be the trend through the first half of October. Summer rods, dry lines, and unweighted flies still seem to be the weapons of choice.

    The Clearwater continues to run just under 2500cfs. I've heard mixed reports of productivity. Some have gone over a week without a pull, others get one here and there. Fish every bit of water. Fish the short cast. You might get a surprise grab. These smaller A-run fish account for the majority of the fish population and are much more trout like by nature. The B run fish arrival is on the horizon and should happen within the next couple of weeks.


    The Snake is still very warm, running between 63-66 degrees over the last few days. Much warmer than the Clearwater, but also a lot more water.

    I have yet to make it to the Grande Ronde, but it sounds like it has been the most consistent for everyone passing through, with the lower sections being the favorite. The Ronde will continue to ramp up heading in to October with fish and anglers alike. Swinging a handful of fish per day is a feasible hope and a very fun way to burn up a day.

    Get out there, enjoy the unique scenery these high desert rivers have to offer, send one out there and hang on!