St. Joe River Fishing Report

  • —North 40 Coeur d’ Alene


    The fishing has improved a lot. The rain and cooler weather has done wonders for the water levels and water temps. Fish are now actively feeding from mid-morning to late afternoon. BWOs and mahogany duns will play well for you. Be prepared to match them. October caddis come off later in the day. More rain is expected this weekend so our fishing should remain solid. Look for those Baetis hatches to be most prevalent and last a little longer on the cold, drizzly days. A #18 thorax BWO with a BWO emerger or cripple as your dropper will be a go-to rig.

    St. Joe River

    Fishing amazing. The previous rain did wonders, and with the follow-up of 70-degree, blue-bird weather . . . are you kidding me, that was the best. Streamer fishing and a big orange stimmie with a larger bead head for a dropper will get you going in the mornings. Then the BWOs and mahoganies start mid-day, followed up by the Octobers and small cinnamon caddis. More rain and cooler temps this week and weekend, so get in on the good stuff before the snow flies.

    Clark Fork River 

    Exceptional fishing. Fish are podded up in the flats. You may need to lengthen your leader a bit for some of the technical fish. They'll be looking for well-presented BWOs, mahogany's, PMDs and, on the warmer days, you can still get a fish to eat a hopper, too. Overcast days to come will be money. Take your time if you are floating the big river, and anchor in the flats; be patient and look for gentle sipping fish. Remember, a dimple does not mean a dink—the Clark Fork in Montana harbors some toads and they eat as daintily as an eight-incher. A downstream, fly first presentation will do amazing things when fishing for the wary ones.

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